For the launch of our new production hall this spring we wanted to go all out and surprise our guests with display fireworks. Finding the right company to hire was not hard, since Dynamic Fireworks is one of the leading businesses when it comes to fireworks. And after working with them, we definitely know why. Their team was perfectly professional and yet determined to deliver the best experience possible at all times. Getting in touch was fairly easy and the customer service team got back to us quickly. We had some special requests in regard to our display fireworks, which all have been fulfilled without any problems. As a customer, you have the opportunity to decide on the size, shapes and some extras such as music that will be played during the fireworks. For us, getting our display fireworks from Dynamic Fireworks was the perfect combination of being involved and having the company plan them for us. They put a lot of time and effort into making our displays perfect, which we could definitely tell in the final product!

The feedback we received for the display fireworks at our event were entirely positive

Of course, most of our guests did not expect to experience display fireworks at our event, which made it even more unforgettable for them. But not only that. The feedback we received was entirely positive and even today people still talk about the amazing fireworks. They were definitely a great way to add value to our event and create special memories for our employees and our guests. We chose to have our fireworks outside, but Dynamic Fireworks also offers the opportunity to book indoor fireworks, which might be the better solution for some events. We got told that they offer a lower noise and a lower odour than the fireworks for the outside and don’t contain any explosive. We might make use of this offer at one of our smaller corporate events in the future. When it comes to safety, no matter if for the indoor or outdoor displays, one doesn’t have to worry if you hire Dynamic Fireworks. They definitely know what they are doing and gave us certainty that we won’t have to worry about our guest’s safety.

We are grateful for the pleasant cooperation and we will definitely come back

The overall experience with Dynamic Fireworks was amazing! We did not only receive exactly the display fireworks we wanted, but also a perfect customer service on top. The communication was quick and easy, without any misunderstandings. Their website, which was the first destination for us to find additional information about their products and services, is very well-organized and offers a lot of useful material. So, if you are a newcomer in the field of display fireworks it is definitely recommendable to get a first idea of your possibilities on the Dynamic Fireworks website. The company also has three different showrooms spread over the UK, where potential customers have the opportunity to talk to one of their staff members in person, if needed. All in all, we had a great and unforgettable experience thanks to Dynamic Fireworks and we are more than grateful for that! The communication was easy, the planning phase was uncomplicated and the display fireworks we received in the end were even better than we expected. The company also took the time to clean up the aftermath of the of the fireworks after. We will definitely recommend the company to our business partners and will come back for future events!